In response to the negative impact that the Covid-19 pandemic can potentially have on a  student’s learning and outcomes, this initiative is available to provide additional support.

All students have been provided with a key worker who liaises with the young person and their family in many cases on a daily basis. A significant amount of extra support has been made available to support the impact of the pandemic on the students and families mental health and wellbeing. 1-1 support has been increased to facilitate this.

All the students within the college have ECHP’s and/or SEND. The curriculum has been significantly interrupted as their programmes of learning are very skills-based and as such, they have missed significant skills training in the last academic year and learning continues to be disrupted in 2020/21. In light of this additional support has been made available, when possible, during all holiday periods throughout the year to help students catch up/maintain on these essential skills.

When face to face delivery has been impossible, remote learning has been provided on a 1-1 basis or small groups. Therapeutic input has also been maintained and in many cases increased. The SALT and OT therapists have trained parents to support this work.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Principal at either the London or Manchester Campus.