Langdon College strives for the best possible outcomes for our learners, the support we offer will be different for every learner and will depend on individual needs.

During your transition visits to College, we will discuss your needs with you, what support you had previously, the type of support we could offer and the levels available.


Pastoral Support

Langdon College will work closely with parents/carers, social workers and any other professionals to support you to achieve. We aim to break down any barriers to learning through a supportive and nurturing learning environment. You will be allocated a personal tutor who will provide you with outstanding pastoral support.

We have a team of enthusiastic and supportive tutors and support staff who will guide you on your journey to achieve your goals, whether this is to gain work experience, increase your independence or to move onto further education.


Tutorial Programme

All learners will participate in a Tutorial Programme which will cover topics such as personal and social development, keeping safe and healthy and the importance of making a positive contribution to your local community.

We work with students to develop confidence and maturity through many different activities which can be delivered through sessions and external visits.  Learners will also have the opportunity to have 1-1 tutorial sessions with their personal tutor to discuss their individual progress and achievements.

Enrichment Programme

During your time at Langdon College, you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of different enrichment activities. These will increase the enjoyment of your studies and equip you for further success. Learners will take part in a range of trips and visits, listen to guest speakers and visitors to the College. 

The Enrichment programme is also an opportunity for learners to have a choice about any projects or events that they would like to participate.

Learner Voice

At Langdon College, the views and opinions of our learners are very important.  Learners are encouraged through our Learner Voice programme to share their views and to promote discussion about areas to improve the College.

The topics discussed at Learner Voice meetings are then shared with Senior Management Team to discuss what actions can be taken and this is feedback to the learners through the “You said, we did” forum.