Elliot’s time at Langdon College

Elliot joined Langdon College in 2015. Initially, Elliot found it quite challenging to engage with the curriculum and often spent his time out of his timetabled sessions receiving lots of 1-1 support from staff. Elliot has a diagnosis of Autism and has complex learning needs and attends Langdon College due to the small class sizes, high levels of support and individualised curriculum.

Elliot has worked extremely hard with support from his family and staff from College to be in a position where this academic year he is making excellent progress. Elliot is now engaged in all aspects of his college experience, taking part in sessions such as Preparing for Independence, Work Skills, Team Enterprise, Karten Centre and Music.

Elliot is a keen and talented Musician who has self-taught how to play the Ukulele. His passion for music also helps Elliot to relax and he uses this as a strategy if begins to feel anxious. Elliot has performed his music at different events and concerts with the college and always impresses his audience. Elliot is now taking a lead role within his music sessions, teaching other learners how to perform and how they can input into his songs.

Elliot likes to play songs by George Formby and has more recently been given the opportunity to perform at a Nicky Alliance Centre which is a Manchester Jewish Community Care Centre, where he is hoping to gain some paid work for his performances. You can see Elliot perform by clicking below.