Learners within the Employability Group Pathway will have a defined career pathway in place and Work Placement opportunities to reflect this.

  • Learners will access Impartial Careers advice to ensure they are prepared with the skills and knowledge to make informed choices about their chosen employment route.  Support at Work Placement will be reduced overtime and agreed with employer.
  • Learners may complete NCFE Functional Skills Maths and/or English at appropriate levels, as well as an NCFE Employability Skills and/or NCFE Developing Enterprise Skills.
  • Learners will continue to study Maths and English, which may be accredited, but also focus on practical Maths and English skills.
  • Learners will participate in Tutorial sessions which will cover topics such as British Values, Safeguarding, Healthy Friendships and Relationships, Keeping Safe, positive mental health.

Travel Training will focus on travelling to important destinations to the learner, as well as work placements to support independence.

Independence Skills will be accessed to ensure learners are able to look after themselves, keep themselves safe, interact with others and function successfully within the community.